Frequently Asked Questions

RushBet enables you to play along with Live TV coverage of Premier League matches. Choose one of 8 key events which you think will happen in the next 60 seconds, or play it cool and wait for your moment, to scoop the jackpot.

Yes! The app is free to install and you should have enough RushBet coins with which to place your virtual ‘bets’ and enjoy the game. However, you will have the opportunity to buy more coins using In-App Purchases via the App Store. Look out for special offers and ways to earn Free coins.

Open to app and ensure you are Logged In to view the Lobby which will list Premier League matches due to be played either today or coming up soon. When a match is in-play you will be able to tap on that match to view the match screen.

From the match screen you will be shown the 8 key events which each have a total jackpot available to be won. If you think an event will happen in the next 60 seconds then swipe that event into the centre of the match screen to activate that bet. Your game is then locked down for the next 60 seconds and so during this countdown you will not be able to place any other bets.

Virtual coins will be offered by the app for each jackpot for each event in each match and will increase in value as more virtual bets are placed for that specific event – and decrease when the jackpot is won. Where more than one player has correctly predicted the outcome, the jackpot will be shared equally with all winners.

The virtual event predictions (bets) are placed using the RushBet coins. The value of the ‘stake’ may change from time to time, but you should be able to earn coins by winning jackpots, engaging with the game and buying coins from the App Store. SnapBet coins cannot be used for any other purpose other than playing RushBet in the app.

Because RushBet is based on minute-by-minute key events during Live TV matches, the app needs to be connected to the internet. We recommend playing when you have a strong wi-fi connection. If your internet connection fails then the app will enable your active bet to be won/lost.

We strongly suggest you ensure your app to be set up to receive Push Notifications so that you will be alerted to when RushBet matches are available to play and to stay up to date with new developments to improve the game.

Absolutely! We’re currently working on that and so look our for Updates to the app and check back regularly.

We would love you to connect with us on our social channels where you can connect with other players and ourselves.  Tell us what you love about RushBet and how we can continue to improve the game for your pleasure!

Please make sure you have installed the latest version of the App (as we will be releasing regular Updates to improve the service) and Login again. We also recommend you have the latest iOS operating system from Apple.  If the issue persists please contact us with as much detail as possible at